how electric vehicles are changing world

Mobility was not only about moving up and down the different levels of society in terms of social and economic stature but how we hauled ourselves from one point in distance to another. Public transport has developed a lot over the years providing us with a more functional, affordable and reliable method to move from a city to the other. Pushing back the time frame to late 60’s and 70’s, mobility wasn’t as smooth as it is now.

Moving fast was considered a well textured task rather than a basic commodity. We as people have developed our thought process that mobility was always a walk in the park. It was never the way it is now. Cars started as status symbol rather than an object of vitality in terms of human mobility. They were a means of private transport only the elite could afford and people who picked cotton for a living (a term for people who did nothing) had no use for it.

Fast forward to 21st century, our pay grade is dependent on how fast we connect to our customers, which is a pathway to the central idea of how fast can we deliver our product to people. Connecting all the necessary dots, we had to have all the essentials for our product under one roof as fast as possible. Not only this but we see how us moving fast from one place to the other has changed the way we live our life, reaching our workplaces faster and flying in and out the country for business.

We don’t care much about the ways to improve our mobility in contrast to how it might be bettered and how it impacts our surroundings. Take an example, how our fossil fuels would run out, how we could be looking at more carbon emissions and all of this would affect our environment. Mobility has to be improved in terms of private transport because that is the one factor we have in our hands.

Electric cars in terms of annual average cost are a far better option for people who travel within 200 miles range, for a longer distance we can always use the much reliable and cost-effective public transport. A lot of European countries are encouraging use of electric mobility and providing subsidy and low taxes on the electric vehicles.

Future is how we mold it and our future can be brighter if we care about mobility factors so that our work is done with the same capacity or even increased capacity with respect to the earth that humans have thrived upon.