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R Programming Assignment Help

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What is R Programming?

R is free, an open sourse of statistical programming transformation language which is available for Windows. Mac and linux. It consists of the base or core R software as well as add- on package that extend funtioning of the programming system. R is based on the languade S which is developed in the 1970s beginning by John Chambers, Rick Becker and Allan Wilks. In the 1990s Ross lhaka and Robert Gentelman created R and after made it freely avilable under the use of GNU(General Public License). r continues to be maintained by the R Development Core Team and major releases are published about twice per year.

R Programming tutorial

R is a language of programming the stastical analysis, graphics presentation and reporting. R was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentelman at the universityof Auckland, New Zealand, and is currently re-established by R Development Core team. R is free available under the GNU( General Public License), and pre-complied,two pronage version are provided for various oprating system like Lunex, Mac and Windows. Although the usage of language is named as R which is based on the fiert letter of the owner's (Roberst Gentelman and Ross Ihaka), and partly on the name of the Ball Labs Language S.

What software is similar to R?

R is comparable to SAS, SPSS and Stata.

What is R used for (or) what are the significants forusing R?

R can be used in the programming of stastical analysis, graphics, and reporting. R can be used to manipulate data, run statistical analyses such as descriptive statistics, t-tests, regressions, and produce charts. R can even be used to make maps and play minesweeper.

Why you should use R Programming?

R have a number of advantages over comprable commercial software package. The most first advantage touse R is that it is free to use for student businessman and anyone and R programming are in the budget of all the users this is the main advantage.

Another similar advantage is that you can intall it on several computers as you want to intsall R in the two computers in the office, your own laptop and your desktop.

Hence, it proves R is a free to use programming system and easy to operates. Allthough, it is not complicated and expensive multi-computer and also no need os license.

The third advamtage is thst R is being used for many professionl univesrsities and businesses. This means that R were able to collaborates and learn other R users and that there are many oppourtunities for those who are able and willing to know about R pragramming.

One final advantage which the users and the readers want to know is that, beacause anyone can add on package for it, Rhas the mosr advanced analyses and it always being added to. If function you want is unavailable you can write your own package and share it with the entire world.

Disadvantages of using R programming language

R has a steep learning curve if you don't have computere experience you might not use the R programming system smoothly. This is beacause R has a very limited graphical user interface. R programming is done mostly though the exclusively through code. R's dependence on programming can be in the favour of benifet and might be drawback. It is a advantageous because method's are very repetable with little efforts on it. As you program in R the code produced is both documentation and a method for easily repeating the process. It is a drawback learning beacause learning R programming is very time consuming and complicated and also frustrating. In the early stages of R programming many users have difficulties figuring out why their code won’t work the way they want it to. Like any computers program, R requires the code to be free of errors or it won't work ( and won't tell you why not!).

Another problem with R is that there are few resources for learning the basics. There are many websites devoted to cutting edge analyses and graphics in R but very few that show how to manipulate data and conduct basic analyses. RProgramming.net hopes to help address this problem.