Matrix Operations in Matlab Programming

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MATLAB is short form for MATrix LABoratory, and is designed for quick and easy computation of matrix forms of data. the matrix can be seen earlier as a 2-D array. There is different pieces of information are stored under a single name. Different pieces of information are then fetched by pointing to different parts of the matrix by row and column.

Here are some basic matrix operations using MATLAB: Adding and Subtracting, Transpose, Multiplication.

Adding matrices Add two matrices together is just the addition of each of their corresponding elements. If A and B are both matrices having same dimensions (size), then C = A + B

The MATLAB have commands to perform these matrix addition:

A = [1 3 5 ; 7 9 11] B = [2 4 6 ; 8 10 12]

C = A + B

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Transpose Transposing a matrix is the swapping rows and columns of a matrix with No matrix dimension restrictions Some examples:

In MATLAB, The transpose is denoted by a single quote after the array

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