simulink report generator

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Simulink Report Generator™ gives functions and APIs that enable users to include block diagrams, Stateflow® charts, MATLAB® Function blocks, truth tables, data dictionaries, and other model elements in reports. Users can design and generate reports in PDF, Microsoft® Word®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, and HTML. Users can generate standard reports such as system design descriptions, as well as custom reports containing design artifacts such as generated code, requirements traceability, documentation, and test results. Artifacts for DO-178, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and related industry standards can also be included. Simulink Report Generator enables users to create web views that let users view, navigate, and share Simulink models from a web browser without a Simulink license.

Users can embed model web views in HTML code generation, requirements, coverage, and other types of reports. Users can use PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML templates to define the format and layout of reports that Simulink Report Generator™ produces. The templates defines regions of fixed text and leave blank regions (also called holes) for generated content. Using this type of reporting approach, Simulink Report Generator can fill in the blanks with content generated from MATLAB and Simulink. By creating custom templates, Users can tailor the report to meet specific formatting requirements, such as adding logos and footnotes, changing page orientation, or defining specific font types and sizes for table headings. Overall, Users have a high degree of control over the layout and formatting of the report, and Users can specify exactly where Users intend simulation data, figures, MATLAB code, or other results to appear in the report.

Below are the main features that are provided by the Simulink Report Generator

  • • Automated reporting from Simulink® and Stateflow®

  • • PDF, MS-Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and HTML formats

  • • Templates for programmatic and forms-based reporting

  • • Automatic getting of simulation results and model specifications

  • • Artifacts for DO-178 and IEC 61508