Solve System of Equations in MATLAB Programming

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MATLAB is a great tool for complex computation as it gives us the power for high-order calculations and analysis using matrices. In fact, it treats all of its data as vectors and matrices, so it become very important for the students to get familiar with the mathematical concepts of matrix analysis. This section is all about solving system of equations with the help of MATLAB.

System of equations may be of polynomial form or in non-polynomial form. The first step is the recoginition of type of system of equation. This will help to determine the functions used in MATLAB for finding the solution of system of equation. A system of equations can have infinite number of solution. To find these solutions numerically, generally used function is vpasolve. For polynomial equations, vpasolve returns all solutions. For non-polynomial equations, vpasolve returns the first solution it finds. Like vpasolve there are another functions like equationsToMatrix used to convert linear equation to matrix form ,eliminate used to Eliminate variables from polynomial functions, finverse used to get functional inverse, linsolve used to solve linear equation in matrix form, poles used to get Poles of a required equation, vpasolve use to solve equation numerically. Etc. solve is Equations and system solve does not automatically return all solutions of system of equations. To return all the solutions along with parameters in the solution and condition in the solution we will have to set the ReturnConditions option to true. That’s why MATLAB requires deep understanding of functions to get your work done flawlessly.