Solve Transcendental Equation in Matlab Programming

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A transcendental equation is an equation that makes use of transcendental functions. The transcendental function is said to be any function which is the solution of the equation

where Pi(x) are functions of x.

Elementary transcendental functions may be exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, reverse trigonometric, and hyperbolic functions. If the transcendental functions are thought as functions of complex variable, then they show the presence of at least one singularity in addition to poles and branch points of finite order. An important section of transcendental functions are cylindrical and spherical functions often seen in problems including the gamma and beta functions, Euler's functions, hyper-geometric and degenerate hypergeometric functions. Transcendental equations are formed, for instance, on finding the eigenvalues, when solving problems by the method of separation of variables. The transcendental equations are generally solved with the help of numerical methods such as the Newton method, the method of false position, etc.

In numerical methods, after computation, it is very much essential to represent the result in graphical form. Visualization of data makes interpretation simpler than in the numeric form. In this regard, this book is extremely useful in finding various guidelines to plot. It gives an deep understanding to various graph plotting techniques with illustration. Equation-based modeling enables custom simulations in MATLAB and is a powerful method that further extends the many capabilities already available in the product. Implement transcendental equation in the MATLAB using partial differential equations (PDEs) to translate the laws of nature into mathematical models. Convenient mathematics interfaces in MATLAB provide a straightforward approach to define a equation model without tedious work