Image Processing MATLAB Projects 2019

A Practical Design and Implementation of a Low-Cost Platform for Real-Time Diagnostic Imaging

Unimodal and Multimodal Biometric Sensing Systems: A Review

A Key Space Enhanced Chaotic Encryption Scheme for Physical Layer Security in OFDM-PON

Color-Shift Keying and Code-Division Multiple-Access Transmission for RGB-LED Visible Light Communications Using Mobile Phone Camera

Five Decades of Hierarchical Modulation and Its Benefits in Relay-Aided Networking

Towards dynamic coordination among home appliances using multi-objective energy optimization for demand side management in smart buildings

Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm-based Parameter Estimation of Fractional-order Chaotic System with Time Delay

Analysis of Fix‐point Aspects for Wireless Infrastructure Systems

Perspective Distortion Modeling in Face Images and Object Tracking Library

A Guide to Producing An A Cappella CD and Development of a Pitch Detection Program

Development of Electronics, Software, and Graphical User Control Interface for a Wall-climbing Robot

Distance Learning in Robotics and Automation by Remote Control of Lego Mobile Robots

Pest Control in Agricultural Plantations using Image Processing

Intelligent Traffic Light Control Using Image Processing

Face Detection Project

A MATLAB based Face Recognition System using Image Processing and Neural Networks

Radio Frequency Hyperthermia Planning Software for Veterinary Cancer Treatment

Wavelet based Image Compression on the Texas Instrument Video Processing Board TMS320dM6437

Application of Image Processing For Development of Automated Inspection System

Image Slider Using MATLAB

Gabor Filter Design for Fingerprint Application Using Matlab and Verilog HDL

Smart Farm: Automated Classifying and Grading System of Tomatoes using Fuzzy Logic

A Leaf Recognition of Vegetables Using Matlab

Intelligent Traffic Light Control Using Image Processing