Security MATLAB Projects 2019

A Practical Design and Implementation of a Low-Cost Platform for Real-Time Diagnostic Imaging

A Key Space Enhanced Chaotic Encryption Scheme for Physical Layer Security in OFDM-PON

Color-Shift Keying and Code-Division Multiple-Access Transmission for RGB-LED Visible Light Communications Using Mobile Phone Camera

Five Decades of Hierarchical Modulation and Its Benefits in Relay-Aided Networking

Towards dynamic coordination among home appliances using multi-objective energy optimization for demand side management in smart buildings

Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm-based Parameter Estimation of Fractional-order Chaotic System with Time Delay

Software Tools and Simulators in the Education of Engineering of Telecommunications

Analysis of Fix‐point Aspects for Wireless Infrastructure Systems

Techniques, Taxonomy, and Challenges of Privacy Protection in the Smart Grid

Visible and Mid-Infrared Supercontinuum Generation and their Respective Application to 3D Imaging and Stand-off Reflection Spectroscopy

Design and Evaluation of a Discrete Wavelet Transform based Multi-Signal Receiver

Speech Recognition with Dynamic Time Warping using MATLAB

Generating an Isolated Word Recognition System Using Matlab

Speech Recognition Using Correlation Technique

Direct Detection in Optical Communication Using Intensity Modulation

Using Matlab Tools for Simulation of the Optical Transmission Medium

The Laser Satellites Communications and Laser Noises

Simulation and Animation in Optical Fiber Communication

MATLAB Simulink Simulation Platform for Photonic Transmission Systemsy

Wavelet Signal and Image Denoisingy

Application of Spatial Domain Filters on Noisy Images using MATLAB

Image Denoising Using New Adaptive based Median Filter

A general framework for denoising phaseless diffraction measurements

An Accelerator Control Middle Layer Using MATLAB

Voice & Speech based Security System using MATLAB

Translating Models of Automotive Features in MATLAB’s Stateflow to SMV to Detect Feature Interactions

Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles Using Supercapacitors

Experiences with the Extensible Sensing System ESS

A Minimally Invasive 64-Channel Wireless μECoG Implant

Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks

An Event Reporting and Early-Warning Safety System based on the Internet of Things for Underground Coal Mines: A Case Study


Workplace Posture Assessment and Biofeedback With Kinect

Perspective Distortion Modeling in Face Images and Object Tracking Library

Secure ECG-based Biometric Authentication in Body Area Sensor Networks

Monitoring Security of Networked Control Systems: It’s the Physics

Odor identity influences tracking of temporally patterned plumes in Drosophila

Algorithms and Representations for Visual Recognition

Design, Modeling and Control of Steering and Braking for an Urban Electric Vehicle

Parallel Modeling of Fish Interaction

The Role of External Features in Face Recognition with Central Vision Loss

Attention Modeling for Face Recognition via Deep Learning

Multi-objective optimization for battery electric vehicle power train topologies

Perceived intensity of somatosensory cortical electrical stimulation

Improving Energy Efficiency in CNC Machining

Fast Change Point Detection for Electricity Market Analysis

Mining Requirements from Closed-Loop Control Models

A pattern recognition method for electronic noses based on an olfactory neural network

Conversion of Artificial Recurrent Neural Networks to Spiking Neural Networks for Low-power Neuromorphic Hardware

Incorporating geographical factors with artificial neural networks to predict reference values of erythrocyte sedimentation rate

An affordable, open-source, microscale conductivity and temperature probe for density measurements in stratified flows

Modeling the Human Knee using Tensegrity

Investigating the use of wing sweep for pitch control of a small unmanned air vehicle

Rapidly Deployable Internet-of-Things Body Area Network Platform for Medical Devices

Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging Simulated in MATLAB

Digital Control Board for Phased Array Antenna Beam Steering in Adaptive Communication Applications

Aperture Coupled Microstrip Antenna Design and Analysis

A Laboratory Course on Antenna Measurement

Obstacle Recognition based on Machine Learning for On-Chip LiDAR Sensors in a Cyber-Physical System

Java Simulations of Embedded Control Systems

Detection of Breathing and Infant Sleep Apnea

A Guide to Producing An A Cappella CD and Development of a Pitch Detection Program

Design, Characterization and Application of a Multiple Input Stethoscope Apparatus

Monophonic Pitch Recognition

An Overview of Binary Arithmetic Architectures & Their Implementation in DSP Systems

Scaled Synthetic Aperture Radar System Development

A Model for Anomalies Detection in Internet of Things (Iot) using Inverse Weight Clustering and Decision Tree

Development of Electronics, Software, and Graphical User Control Interface for a Wall-climbing Robot

Subwoofer Frequency Response Optimization by Means of Active Control